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May 10, 2021

Winners for Mouse Microproject: Web Animator

Last month, we challenged you all to make an interactive animation using Wick Editor, a web tool used to make animations and interactive games just like people once did in Flash. There was a lot of room for creativity and exploration in Wick Editor and your many submissions showed us just how fun, colorful and inventive these kinds of interactive web applications can be. Thank you all for your fantastic submissions!

Grand Prize

Taking the top spot as our Grand Prize winner is My Stupid Channel from McPherson Magnet School in Orange, California. They were able to create an amazing animation that displays a character summoning a sword, then catching the sword and leveling up. They put together various layers and drawings and a great combination of animations to create an amazing Web Animator project in Wick. Fantastic work!

1st Runner Up

Our 1st Runner up is nsaleh132 from Parkside Preparatory Academy in Brooklyn, New York. They created an animation that included 3 characters and gives your the chance to move each character around, have them jump up and down, move left to right and overall just interact with them around the page. Great animation nsaleh132!

2nd Runner Up

Our 2nd Runner Up is mlomeli also from McPherson Magnet School in Orange, California. They were able to create a great animation that shows a drawing of a face and animates them changing to a sad expression. It includes tears on the face, as well as various other facial gestures to really encompass the sad expression of a face. Great work mlomeli!

Though this month is over, The May Microproject competition is now open! This month your challenge is to Your challenge this month is to design a virtual pet in Scratch!


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