February 08, 2017

Mouse Create Updates: Tablets and New Navigation

Responsive Design

We have just released a big update to Mouse Create. You can now use our site more easily on mobile devices with small screens, like tablets and phones! This is called responsive design.

Responsive websites change their layout and design depending on the size of your screen. If you want to check it out, but you don’t have access to a phone or tablet device, you can give it a try by shrinking the size of your browser window to the size of a phone or tablet.

Pretty neat, huh?  Many Mouse sites and schools have more iPads and tablets than laptops or desktops.  Mouse Create should now be more accessible for these devices. Bring Create with you wherever your project takes you.

Navigation Update

Based on your feedback, we have also changed the way you navigate Mouse Create.


You may remember that every time you logged into Mouse Create with your account, you would go straight to an area of the site called the “Dashboard” that asked you to enter a code? Well, now when you log in, you’ll go straight to your Group page.

Have multiple groups? No problem, you’ll select a group where you want work to happen right when you log in. To manage groups, use the dropdown hamburger menu, and select “My Groups” to switch your active group, or add a new group to your account.


Here’s a quick preview of some of the things we’re working on now:

  • Soon you’ll be able to comment on work, and contribute your ideas, questions, and feedback for other members.

  • There will be a notifications area so you can quickly see updates from your group, new comments on your work and other messages.

  • We’re working on a special “work space” where all of your projects can be viewed in one place and put into custom folders for safe keeping or exporting.

As always, we want to hear from you about your experience. Use to share your feedback and ideas.


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