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August 28, 2019

Mouse Summer Recap: Educators as Students

Summer is a time when educators become students again. Mouse spent this summer with partners like Infosys Foundation USA,, the NYC Department of Education, Google, and over 250 K-12 educators from across the country!

Starting in mid-July, Mouse facilitators spent a week with over 30 educators at Infosys Pathfinders Summer Institute. Our Scratch Creative Computing workshop prepared educators to teach Scratch programming and help students create computational media projects like animations, stories, and games. This Mouse Create workshop exposed educators to human centered design and allowed participants to explore the concepts of computational thinking through hands-on circuitry and electronics projects. While some teachers who attended this workshop plan on teaching stand-alone technology classes, others are going to integrate Scratch into other subject areas like math, English, history, and art.

— InfosysFoundationUSA (@InfyFoundation) July 17, 2019 Link to Original Tweet

Over 50 educators from NYC, Long Island, the Hudson Valley and New Jersey attended professional development run by Mouse facilitators in our NYC office in July and August. Our AP CS Principles summer workshop featured one week of computer science content and pedagogy to prepare educators to introduce high school students to the foundational concepts of computer science. Our CS Discoveries workshop introduced middle and high school educators to a computer science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with CS as a medium for creativity, communication, and problem solving. Mouse will continue supporting these teachers with quarterly Saturday sessions at our office so they can build more skills and learn from one another as they teach at their schools throughout the year.

— Eileen Lennon (@eileen_lennon) August 8, 2019 Link to Original Tweet

Mouse is proud to partner with the New York City Department of Education’s Computer Science For All Initiative for our fourth consecutive year. To prepare for the upcoming school year, Mouse trained over 50 middle and high school educators from across all 5 NYC boroughs to teach Scratch Creative Computing and Exploring Computer Science courses at their respective schools. These courses will engage thousands of Latinx, black, and female youth in computational thinking and problem solving with the goal of attracting students who might not think of themselves as computer programmers. We will continue to support these educators throughout the year with five follow-up sessions.

— Mouse | Tech with Purpose (@mouse_org) August 6, 2019 Link to Original Tweet

Finally, we will be ending our summer professional development season with CS Fundamentals and Google CS First sessions workshops in Northern and Central New York State. We are also running Google CS First professional development in a new partnership with the Grow With Google Learning Center in New York City in free sessions that will be open to any educators who would like to attend.

Thank you to all our great educators who chose to spend a significant part of their summer learning with us. We are looking forward to see and hear about all the great things you do with students this academic year!

If you are interested in bringing any of these workshops to a region near you, let us know by completing the interest form!

Individual educators can find scheduled PD sessions for the year at

See how educators spend their summer on Flickr:

Summer 2019 Professional Development (NYC)


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