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March 06, 2019

New Course Pages on Mouse Create

It is now 100% easier to learn about and choose courses on Mouse Create!

The new course page feature shares detailed information about each Mouse Create course, including:

  • A course description
  • Total hours of instruction
  • Learning objectives
  • Materials
  • Badges
  • Required Projects (in order)
  • Related Projects (optional, extension or alternate projects)

Check it out:

How to add a course to your group’s playlist

To add a course, navigate to the Projects area in the top menu. Select a course from the Project Finder (or use the Filter Projects drop down menu on smaller devices). At the top of the course page, select “Add Course to Playlist”. This will add every required project within the course to your active group’s playlist in the correct order.

How to add individual projects to your group’s playlist

You can still pick and choose individual projects to create custom playlists for your group. From the Projects area, browse the project list (or use the filtering tags in the Project Finder). Select the “Add this Project to Playlist +” button on any project to add it to the end of your active group’s playlist automatically.

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