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March 05, 2019

Write the Future With Twine

Mouse is excited to announce that we now support Twine, a program that makes it easy to make your own interactive fiction games. These games tell a story, often with only text, that asks the player to make choices that will affect what happens next and how the story will end, like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. These games are sometimes personal or autobiographical or can take place in fantastical worlds or periods of history.

Twine was originally created by Chris Klimas in 2009 and grew in popularity after 2012 among independent game designers and as a form of digital self expression. Twine works right in your browser and can also be downloaded to a desktop. Because Twine is so easy to use it is a powerful tool for anyone to tell an interactive story, the possibilities are endless. Twine is a perfect fit for game designers who care more about the story of their game over graphics and quick reflexes. The most famous Twine game is Depression Quest, a serious game that ignited a firestorm online about what games can and can’t be.

We have adapted the project Write the Future, a project related to the Serious Games course, to teach the basics of creating a text based game in Twine that tells a story, and to share that project online with the tool Glitch. This project will give you all the training you need to start making interactive fiction games with Twine as well as links in the project plan that will help take your games to the next level.

Please also note that games made in Twine may be submitted to theGames for Change Student Challenge if that is taking place in your location. Learn more about the 2019 challenge and submitting your game here.

Get Started!

Find Write the Future on Mouse Create and follow the steps to complete the project.

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Ask your teacher to sign up for a free Spark Membership. After they have set up your group, you can create a new account and enter your group code to get started. Navigate to the Project Finder and find the Write the Future to get started.


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