Mouse | Scratch 3 is Here, Grab Your Tablets!

January 09, 2019

Scratch 3 is Here, Grab Your Tablets!

Scratch 3 is here and Mouse is excited to announce that our Serious Games course has been completely updated to support this incredible new version of Scratch.

Scratch 3 makes everyone’s favorite way to program interactive stories, games, and animations available for tablets and chromebooks. Now you can create and play Scratch games on your tablet!

Besides making Scratch available to a whole new world of creators, Scratch 3 features new images in both the Sprites and Backdrop libraries, a new sound editor, and new code blocks to choose from. There’s also a huge library of Tutorial videos to help you level up your Scratch skills.

Four projects in the Serious Games course have been given makeovers to support these awesome changes. These project are:

  • What is Scratch
  • Games from Scratch
  • It’s the Remix
  • Scratch Serious Game

Want more information? Check out the Scratch 3 FAQ.


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