November 28, 2016

Shut down of this Thursday December 1

Over 4000 members of our Mouse community have already transitioned to the new Mouse Create site!

For those of you still using our old website: We will be shutting down this Thursday, December 1st.  You will no longer be able to log into and the site will automatically redirect to Mouse Create.  Don’t worry, current members of Mouse can create new accounts on Mouse Create where you’ll find all of our curriculum (and a lot of new stuff too).   

How to transition from to Mouse Create:

  • Download and save your work from before December 1st
  • Educators: check your email for a message from Mouse with your site’s Educator Code. You’ll need this code to register for Mouse Create and set up your group
  • Students: ask your educator to create a group on Mouse Create, you can use the Group Code to join!

If you need help transitioning, can’t find your site’s Educator Code or have any questions at all: reach out to us at

Join Mouse Create now!


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