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June 09, 2022

Thanks for a Great Year of Microprojects!

We were so amazed by all of the great Microproject submissions we got this spring! So much inspiring work!

And the Winner is…!

Spring Microproject Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Daniel from McPherson Magnet School in California! You won the Spring Microproject Raffle! Look out for an email with details about your $25 prize.

Check out Daniel’s awesome Minimalist Password Generator here.

School Shout-Out

We’d also like to shine the spotlight on everyone at McPherson Magnet School who participated in this month’s microprojects! You all did some amazing work! 👏 👏

About Microprojects

Microprojects are bite-sized challenges for students to get creative with free web tools and media technology. Mouse will release Microprojects throughout the school year that cover a wide range of topics and skills.

Keep Exploring this Summer!

Microprojects are on hiatus during the summer, but feel free to sharpen your digital skills by exploring our previous challenges! Each one showcases a different creative digital tool that you can learn for free. Check them out here!

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