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June 01, 2020

The 2020 DIY Mouse Microproject Competition

Each month, Mouse holds an online competition that invites students to get creative using web tools and media technology. For the final challenge of this school year, we are asking students to show off some of the amazing things they’ve learned this year by completing the Do It Yourself Project! Over the course of this project, students will consider the many skills they’ve gained and create a tutorial for others on how to do something they’ve already learned.

Any student can complete and submit this month’s microproject. All submissions made by June 30 will be eligible for a prize, the top 3 submissions will be announced on the Mouse news page and the winner will receive a $25 gift card!


Get Started!

If you are a Mouse Create Member, find The Do It Yourself Project on Mouse Create and follow the steps to complete and submit your Project.

Not a member of Mouse Create yet?

No problem! You don’t need to be a Mouse Create member to participate or be eligible to win a prize. Anyone can access the Microproject from Click on the June Microproject and follow the steps to complete the competition.


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