Mouse | Winners for 2020 A.I. Avatar Mouse Microproject Competition

November 06, 2020

Winners for 2020 A.I. Avatar Mouse Microproject Competition

Welcome back! Our team enjoyed relaxing during the summer but we were also eager to start the 2020-2021 Microproject season off and see your inspiring new submissions! The first project of this school year challenged you all to explore some of the practical applications of artificial intelligence by making a profile avatar using Google AutoDraw! As usual, we received tons of submissions that reflect the academic goals and artistic skills of our many student users. Thank you for starting this year off with all of your wonderful submissions!

Grand Prize

Our Grand Prize Winner, taking home a $25 Amazon Gift Card, is by BrianSito at McPherson Magnet School in Orange, California! This contest project was all about using Google AutoDraw to make an avatar that represented the maker’s goals and interests, and BrianSito did a great job of reflecting this prompt in the submission. BrianSito started with a computer screen and added various representations of his goals and interests. BrianSito has multiple tabs representing their grades, improving their writing skills, getting better at drawing as well as a tab representing their grades. BrianSito also added a drawing of their screensaver, again representing their interest in drawing. Nice job, BrianSito!

1st Runner Up

Our 1st Runner Up is made by Amanda22 from St. Edmund Preparatory High School in Brooklyn, New York! Amanda22 made the image above using AutoDraw depicting a desktop computer with a video game on the screen, highlighting their interest in wanting to make video games. They specifically chose Mario like game as it is one of their favorites of all time! Amanda22 added a heart to the mouse to highlight their love of playing and hopefully creating video games to bring happiness to everyone who plays it! Excellent work, Amanda22!

2nd Runner Up

Our 2nd Runner Up is by Stonefree from Rogers Middle School in Long Beach, California! Stonefree used their creativity in Autodraw to represent how they want to get better with code. Stonefree’s avatar shows a detailed scene on the computer and specifically added a filter reminiscent of a computer glitch. The books on each side of the computer highlight Stonefree’s desire to continue learning coding by various means, including reading. Great work, Stonefree!

Our Grand Prize winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card for their school, and our 1st and 2nd Runners up will each win a prize of their choice from our new prize chest!

The October contest is officially closed but there are still many more coming up this school year with their own themes and potential prizes to win! This month your challenge is to encrypt a secret message explaining why you are interested in technology!


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