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June 17, 2020

Winners for Mouse Microproject: Make Your Own “Flatten the Curve” Video PSA

Another month has passed during our monthly online student competition that challenges students to make something meaningful with computer science and creative technology. During the Month of May, our student community was asked to create a PSA video for the COVID-19 Pandemic. We received many submissions from our community that showcase how informed and prudent you all are. Thank you for your fantastic submissions!

Grand Prize

Our Grand Prize Winner, taking home a $25 E Gift Card is COVID19 PSA by Joseph D! Joseph does an excellent job with this PSA that’s packed with helpful information about staying safe through the pandemic. We really liked the editing style of this video as Joseph’s narration can be heard over footage of people washing their hands and countertops or coughing safely into their arms. Excellent job, Joseph!

Our honorable mentions go out this month to:

  • This tiktok PSA by kgalindo uses a catchy song to communicate safety tips clearly.

Join us for the June Microproject, the final challenge for this school year that's all about helping others even when you’re not physically with them in real life. This month your challenge is to create a tutorial for others on how to do something you have already learned.


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