Mouse | Winners for Mouse Microproject: Scratch #CSforGood Impact Game

February 27, 2020

Winners for Mouse Microproject: Scratch #CSforGood Impact Game

Over the last two months, our competition tasked you all to turn a Scratch Game into a game that brings attention to an issue you are passionate about. This particular challenge celebrated both the yearly Hour of Code and the growing Impact Games movement which features games designed around real world issues. We had just as much fun playing your many submissions as we did learning from them! We were pleasantly surprised to see the many creative ways you were able to change a starter Scratch Game into a creation that was uniquely your own! Thanks for all the many awesome submissions!

Grand Prize

Our Grand Prize Winner, taking home a $25 Amazon Gift Card, is The Water Runaway by 521brendanl from P.S. 139 in Queens, New York! 521brendanl’s game focuses on the issue of unsafe or dirty drinking water which is a problem that millions of people around the world deal with daily. Since human beings can only go roughly three days without drinking water, we thought the importance of the topic alone deserved consideration for our top prize but the quality of the game 521brendanl made really cements its 1st place status. The use of the text to speech feature is a great choice for explaining how the game works and the importance of clean drinking water. Fantastic work, 521brendanl!

1st Runner Up

Our 1st Runner Up is Help Save the Ocean by unicorn101 from Orinda Intermediate School in Orinda, California! This project centers around the need to keep our oceans clean for the multitudes of creatures that call it home and also depend on it as a source of food (including us!). In this game you control a dolphin who must seek out fresh water as it appears on the screen. We appreciated the clear directions included in the starting screen of the game and the sleek transition in the dolphin’s animation. Great work, unicorn101!

2nd Runner Up

Our 2nd Runner Up is Recycling Game by 521aaditc also from P.S. 139 in Queens, New York! 521aaditc’s game is centered around the need to recycle for the betterment of our planet and its finite resources. We enjoyed the straightforward control scheme and playstyle of this game that reminded us of old school arcade games like Galaga and Space Invaders. Great job, 521aaditc!

Our Grand Prize winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card for their school, and our 1st and 2nd Runners up will each win a prize of their choice from our new prize chest!

There’s still a bit more time to submit to the current challenge before we arrive at a new month and new challenge! This month, your challenge is to make a movie poster using HTML & CSS in Glitch!


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