Mouse | Winners for Mouse Microproject: Stop Motion Animator

May 12, 2020

Winners for Mouse Microproject: Stop Motion Animator

A few weeks ago, we officially launched our new Open Projects page to give more teachers and their students a chance to explore our many projects quickly and easily. Also, it allowed more students to participate in our monthly competitions. The Microproject challenge for April was to make your very own video using stop motion technology and we were thrilled to see so many submissions from both Mouse Create and the new Open Projects communities. Thank you all for your amazing submissions!

Grand Prize

Our Grand Prize Winner, taking home a $25 E Gift Card is Life in the Dream by Isla L! We were blown away at the level of dedication that this stop motion animation showed. Isla L did an excellent job of moving each item in the scene gradually to make the illusion of movement smooth and intentional looking. The ending scene where Barbie waves goodbye to the viewer and moves toward the camera was an excellent final touch. Awesome job, Isla L!

Our honorable mentions go out this month to:

  • Hayden B also made great use of a toy set to make this excellent stop motion video.
  • Magic Eggs by Michelle got us excited for more Easter egg hunts!

Join us for the May Microproject: Our current Microproject challenge invites all you junior filmmakers out there to make a video that can educate others during the current pandemic. This month your challenge is to make a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on COVID-19.


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