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Mouse Create Scratch Creative Computing 2 Course

Scratch Creative Computing 2 is a computer science and game programming course for those with some Scratch experience looking to deepen their understanding of the platform and ultimately create a game that not only entertains but also has something to say.

This course continues the learning in Scratch Creative Computing recommended for learners grade 6 and above. Learners will create an Impact Game, or Serious Game, which is a game that is fun and also tries to make an impact on the world in some way. Some impact games raise awareness about important issues, tell a powerful story or change their players.

The projects hosted here have been adapted, edited and expanded on from the curriculum released under a Creative Commons license by the ScratchEd team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to promote further student engagement. The original curriculum can be found at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Creative Computing website if you choose to use it as an additional resource.

Mouse has designed several courses as recommended learning sequences for groups that want to focus on competency areas that complement one another thematically. Learn more about our Mouse Courses.

Course Projects

two students behind two laptop screens with Scratch3

a scratch expert teaching a teacher and a few of his students about scratch3

two students writing out their scratch code

two educators working on Scratch3


On Mouse Create, youth ages 13 and older have the opportunity to earn digital badges through Credly to recognize their accomplishments, which they can share on social media networks and college applications.

Mouse is currently developing badges for this course. Badges will be available on Mouse Create when they are ready. Learners are welcome to get started on the course before the badges are done.

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