Mouse | Viral Video & Animation: Updates to Mouse Video Creator Course

September 20, 2019

Viral Video & Animation: Updates to Mouse Video Creator Course

The Mouse Video Creator course, first released with 5 projects in September 2018 has been expanded to 14 projects. As part of this update, students can also earn the newly added digital badges, Viral Media, Animator, and Video Activist, to document and share their ability to plan, film, animate, edit, and promote a video that inspires change.

Our Video Creator course aims to equip students with the basic skills and insights needed to navigate today’s multimedia landscape with tools they already have on hand. Using just mobile devices, basic cameras, and free, simple editing tools, students will get hands-on practice with shot composition, storyboarding, recording good-quality sound, editing footage, and combining multimedia assets together to create visual stories.

The new course projects include:

  • Scripted Viral Media: Learn the essentials of viral media making and develop a style of scripted viral media for videos that students will be creating.
  • Telling a True Story: Students use their knowledge about storytelling to begin a project outline for your scripted viral video.
  • Capturing Raw Footage: Students use their knowledge about viral media, shot lists, sound recording, and editing to create their own piece of media.
  • Editing Your Footage: Students will use editing platforms to combine and alter their footage to create a scripted viral video ready for sharing.
  • Uploading, Sharing and Promoting: Students will select a platform to share their scripted viral video for free and learn how to best attract viewers.
  • Stop Motion Animator 1: Learn the essentials of animation and create a short stop motion video.
  • Stop Motion Animator 2: Learn both historical and current examples of stop-motion and claymation animations, then plan and create your own.
  • Digital Animator: Draw and design an animation using Wick Editor.
  • Video Activism: Combining the knowledge about filmmaking, viral media, and animation and create a video with a social purpose.

This newly updated course is now available in the Mouse Spark, the free version of Mouse Create. Get started >

Not a member of Mouse Create yet?

Sign up for a free Spark Membership! After the educator has set up a group, students can create a new account and enter their group code to get started. Navigate to the Project Finder and see all the projects, related projects, and badge information about the course in the Video Creator course page on Mouse Create.


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